Changing Food into Fat

You know that the food you eat contains protein, fat, and carbohydrates. But did you know that your body can convert some of these nutrients into others? Choose the conversions that you think are possible:
  • a) protein to carbohydrate
  • b) protein to fat.         
  • c) fat to carbohydrate         
  • d) fat to protein               
  • e) carbohydrate to fat
  • f) carbohydrate to protein
  • g) all of the above

Correct answers:

  • a) protein to carbohydrate
  • b) protein to fat
  • c) fat to carbohydrate
  • e) carbohydrate to fat

What you should know:

Perhaps discouragingly, your body can turn both protein and carbohydrates into fat, and is likely to do so when you consume more than you need of either one. It can also turn fat and protein into carbohydrates, which it does as needed for energy. But it cannot make protein from anything but protein. Fortunately, protein is found in many foods—not only animal products, but also vegetables, beans, peas, grains, nuts, and seeds.

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