Which is more important to your health?
  • a) How much fat you have                                    
  • b) What kind of fat you have                                
  • c) Where you have fat                                    

Correct Answers:

  • (b) What kind of fat you have and
  • (c) Where you have fat.

What You Should Know:

Given the current emphasis on BMI (body mass index), which measures or estimates total fat in relation to total body weight, it may interest you to know that there are different kinds of fat stored in your body, and that where you have fat has greater impact on your health than how much fat you have. For example, the fat layer that is just under their skin (which is called subcutaneous fat) is not as unhealthy as fat that is found in the liver or pancreas, or around other digestive organs (visceral fat), which can seriously interfere with normal operation of body functions.

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