Your Body’s Energy Dependence

Which of these body functions is dependent on a supply of energy?

a) Motion
b) Temperature Control
c) Senses
d) Cellular Reproduction
e) Brain Operation

Correct answer:

All of them.

What you should know:

It probably doesn’t surprise you that when your muscles move, or when heat is generated in your body to maintain its ideal operating temperature, energy is required. But you may not have realized that many of the chemical reactions on which your body’s operation depends—including those involved in your senses and your nerves, and particularly in the neurons of your brain—also require energy. 

In fact, your brain uses more energy than any other organ of your body.

As we say in the eSavvyHealth eBook, Introduction to Blood Sugar, “there’s not much that’s more fundamental to the human body than how it gets energy.” If you’d like to learn more, you can download that eBook here.  

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