The Most Popular Diet in America

What Is the Most Popular Diet in America?
  1. Mediterranean
  2. Keto
  3. Paleo
  4. Vegan
  5. DASH
  6. Low Carb
  7. Flexitarian
  8. None of the above

Answer:  The diet most people eat in America is the Standard American Diet (SAD), composed of an estimated 60 – 70% ultra-processed foods (1). It is a dietary approach without support from science. To our knowledge, no studies have been done which provide evidence specifically showing SAD as a means of building health or increasing longevity. To the contrary, the results from a growing array of studies have shown that the huge increase in highly processed food-like products with high amounts of refined carbohydrates (including sugars) and industrially produced vegetable oils is damaging to our health.

Whatever dietary approach you prefer to follow, make sure you eat real rather than highly processed food (2).

  3. For an understanding of ultra-processed foods.

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